Export recorded file for a campaign in VICIDIAL - AST_recordings_export.pl

If you want to download the call conversation recorded files in vicidial in Bulk, there is a useful script in /usr/share/astguiclient/ folder that you can use :

/usr/share/astguiclient/AST_recordings_export.pl --help
allowed run time options:
  [--date=YYYY-MM-DD] = date override
  [--end-date=YYYY-MM-DD] = For more than one day, use date as the start
  [--with-archive-logs] = Will check in both live logs and archive logs
  [--campaign=XXX] = Campaign that sales will be pulled from
  [--without-camp=XXX] = Campaign that will be excluded from ALL
  [--sale-statuses=XXX-XXY] = Statuses that are deemed to be "Sales". Default SALE
    NOTE: To include all statuses in the export, use "--sale-statuses=---ALL---"
  [--with-inbound=XXX-XXY] = include the following inbound groups
  [--without-in=XXX-XXY] = inbound groups that will be excluded from ALL
  [--calltime=XXX] = filter results to only include those calls during this call time
  [--outbound-calltime-ignore] = for outbound calls ignores call time
  [--totals-only] = print totals of time and calls only
  [--did-only] = run for DID recordings only(defined in with-inbound flag)
  [--ftp-norun] = Stop program when you get to the FTP transfer
  [--ftp-temp-only] = Do not look up sales, only FTP transfer what is already in temp directory
  [--ftp-server=XXXXXXXX] = FTP server to send file to
  [--ftp-login=XXXXXXXX] = FTP user
  [--ftp-pass=XXXXXXXX] = FTP pass
  [--ftp-dir=XXXXXXXX] = remote FTP server directory to post files to
  [--temp-dir=XXX] = If running more than one instance at a time, specify a unique temp directory suffix
  [--email-list=test.com:test2.com] = send email results to these addresses
  [--email-sender=vicidial] = sender for the email results
  [--email-post-audio] = send an email after sending audio over FTP
  [--quiet] = quiet
  [--test] = test
  [--debug] = debugging messages

  [--debugX] = Super debugging messages

Here is an example to export all recorded files for campaign 100001 from 2017 to 2019

/usr/share/astguiclient/AST_recordings_export.pl --campaign= 100001 --sale-statuses=---ALL---  --debug  --date=2017-01-01  --end-date=2019-01-01

recordings will be saved in /root/tempaudioexport/ folder (if you haven't specified the FTP Setting)