freePBX 16 - Asterisk 18 installation guide on linode using freePBX 16 distro

 FreePBX is a web-based open-source graphical user interface (GUI) that manages Asterisk, a voice-over IP and a telephony server.

With Freepbx you can easily run your own telephony system for your home or your company. Last week version 16 of the FreePBX distro is released and It's available to download from FreePBX Website. version 16 has some major upgrades that the biggest one is using PHP version 7 . There are 2 methods to install Freepbx. The first method is using FreePBX distro that will automatically install  Linux or more precisely centos 7, asterisk, FreePBX, and all required packages. The second method is to and all required packaged manually. In this video, I decided to teach you how to install Freepbx 16 using the Freepbx distro on the cloud. I'm using the Linode cloud platform and In this video, we will learn how to load the FreePBX distro iso file in Linode and install it.


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