Why professionals should not consider Malaysia as a destination to migrate ? [A definitive guide to Malaysia Talent VISA]

The short answer is that Malaysia is a great country with lovely people that you have no choice but to leave and miss after some time. Here is a true story of an IT professional with his wife and 3  Malaysian cats :)  in Malaysia.

I appreciate it if you don't judge my story before reading the full text. As I'm writing this article I'm leaving Malaysia and I'm migrating to Germany to work and live there, with the same expertise that Talent Corp Malaysia didn't qualify for.

If you are thinking about Talent VISA in Malaysia or you are the one who recently got a job offer from Malaysia this story is for you, My suggestion as an IT expert who lives 6 years in this beautiful country: THINK TWICE. YOU WON'T HAVE ANY FUTURE HERE.

I want to start with some questions to Talent Corp Malaysia as I feel they are not aware of how they hurt other people and their life with their decisions.

1 - Why do you put the minimum requirement on your website when you know your panel of decision-makers will reject it? What is your purpose? Get Talents for Malaysia or ...?

Above is the Answer from Talent CORP Malaysia after multiple followed up on why my application is rejected. They mentioned you have provided the min requirements. Do you know why? because they asked for it. Guys, brothers, Sisters, Why? Why you won't say with min requirements you are just wasting your time ... Wasting your life? 

And Do you think is it easy to provide the list of min requirements as you said? What are the Max requirements? Why you are not mentioning it Clearly? 

Who are Eligible to apply for Malaysia Talen Visa?

Link: https://www.talentcorp.com.my/initiatives/residence-pass-talent#:~:text=Worked%20for%20a%20minimum%20of,for%20at%20least%202%20years

What documents are required? 

But wait!!! Read the Talent Corp email, after the rejection of my application. Above just min requirements and you will get rejected by providing them!! So #GroupTalentCorp why are you not mentioning clearly what is required to get accepted instead of providing a long list for rejection?   

2 - How did the Talent Corp panel decide to reject my application based on the requirements they asked for without any reason just based on their feeling? Did you ask for any further requirements? Did you interview me? Have you ever searched on the internet or asked about me?

Above is the advice from talent corp in their email. I'm advised to be on an employment visa :) Ok, thank you. 

3 - Why are you not honoring the candidate's time and you have a 3-month delay in deciding ( mostly rejecting ) applications? Based on your statement on the website here is the time of 21 working days after we have uploaded all the documents. It took 2 months for me. I'm just putting some of our chat screenshots with talent corp support on why they have so much delay.

I applied at 2022-05-20

Result of my application: 2022-08-16 

How login should it take as per the law that is stated on the website? 21 Working Days. 

And why is it delayed?

TBC = To be Confirmed :) 

Great. Finally, the meeting will happen !!!

Due to some issues? Really ?

Do you need 7 working days to just say NO? Really? 

4 - Why do you charge the candidate and his family separately while you are just processing the candidate's application and you don't even bother to check his family application? Anyway when the main candidate failed you won't give his family any visa then why do you charge the same amount for each family member? of course, I know you will enjoy getting some money but guys have some logic please if you want to get some money from others.  :) 

And I find this part useful for readers who want to apply for Talent VISA. They provided this information just when my application was rejected and I'm leaving here so I won't apply for it. If you are applying for Talent Visa you must provide such a letter it seems but I won't know the result anyway... It's just a suggestion.

If you wish to appeal for the application, you may request it through this email and we will inform the respective team to enable the appeal online. For the appeal application, it is advisable to upload a strong justification letter from your employer company (Director or position above) to state your contribution to the company, the industry, and the country of Malaysia for consideration by the RP-T panel. The appeal application will have to be submitted within 6 months from the rejection date, with the condition that your current pass is still valid for more than 3 months.

Always be safe Malaysia and Goodbye.