Monitoring Asterisk with Prometheus - Part 2 [Prometheus Node Exporter]


The Prometheus server is a really powerful system but what makes Prometheus different to other monitoring solutions is how it fetches metrics from the systems.   ( Link to Part 1: Monitoring Asterisk with Prometheus - Part 1 [Prometheus introduction and installation on Debian 11] - ) Any system that you want to monitor needs to run an exporter which provides all its metrics via HTTP. The Prometheus Sever grabs the metrics from the HTTP every 30 seconds or whatever it's configured and stores them in a Time Series database. It's not important for Prometheus what system it's connecting to fetch metrics or what they mean. The job of the exporter is to provide metrics in standard Prometheus format. even though the content of metrics in each system or application is different, the process of exporting and collecting metrics is the same. Today we will learn more about Prometheus metrics, Node Exporter and Prometheus Client Libraries. For the instruction on how to install Node Exporter on Debian 11 please refer to my GitHub account VoIP-Monitoring Repo: