Step by Step VICIdial Scratch install on Debian 11

 There are 2 methods to install VICIdial, Fist method is to use a ready image VICIdial iso (VICIBOX) and the second method is to install VICIdial from scratch. It means installing Linux Operating System and then all the requirements such asterisk, dahdi , Perl etc, and installing VICIdial. Although the first method is easier in some cases, it's not possible to load VICIBox iso or it needs to covert the iso image.  For example, if you want to install it on Digital Ocean you need to convert to a specific format of the image. Or Vultr even does not let you upload VICIBOX iso at all. For such cases or if you want to have some customizations to reuse the panel we need to use Scratch install of VICIdial. Here in my Patreon, I provided a Step by Step guide on how to install the latest version of VICIdial on Debian 11.


  1. does this still work? interested in this!

  2. again started to watch your video and come here to check your blogs as well
    this time I am going to install it on Digital Ocean.


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