Monitoring Dell Openmanage in Nagios XI

Dell OpenManage Server Administrator (OMSA) provides a systems management solution in the following two ways:

  • From an integrated, web browser-based Graphical User Interface (GUI)
  • Through a Command Line Interface (CLI) via the Operating System (OS)
There is Wizard for NagiosXI for monitoring Dell OpenManage servers but it didn't work for me ,  so I imported the check_command manually . Below is how I did it . 

extract and copy the chek_openmanage into /usr/local/nagios/libexec/

2 - Set permission : chmod +x check_openmanage 

Now you can test the command by providing Hostname and SNMP community string . 

 ./check_openmanage -s -p -H -C MYSNMPCOMM    --only cpu
./check_openmanage -s -p -H -C MYSNMPCOMM    --only sdcard
 ./check_openmanage -s -p -H -C MYSNMPCOMM    --only esmhealth
./check_openmanage -s -p -H MYSNMPCOMM    --only fans
./check_openmanage -s -p -H -C MYSNMPCOMM  --only power
 ./check_openmanage -s -p -H -C MYSNMPCOMM    --only temp
./check_openmanage -s -p -H -C MYSNMPCOMM    --only batteries
./check_openmanage -s -p -H -C MYSNMPCOMM    --only amperage

3 - Define Command in Nagios XI WebUI :

Configure > Core Config Manager > Commands > Add new 

4 - Define the Service :

Configure > Core Config Manager > Services > Add new 

And Add the host you want to monitor :

Set Nagios check intervals

Do not forget to Apply Cconfigurations and if you are using mod_gearman you should copy the commands to worker nodes as well .