How do disable call disposition in vicidial

In Order to Disable Call Disposition Page in VICIDIAL, you need to follow these 2 steps

Step 1 - In the campaign detail view set "Disable Dispo Screen" to "DISPO_DISABLED"

This option allows you to disable the disposition screen in the agent interface. The Disable Dispo Status field below must be filled in for this option to work. Default is DISPO_ENABLED. The DISPO_SELECT_DISABLED option will not disable the dispo screen completely, but will display the dispo screen without any dispositions, this option should only be used if you want to force your agents to use your CRM software which will send the status to the system through the API.

Step 2 -  In the campaign detail view set "Disable Dispo Status" to any disposition. for example "DISABL".

If the Disable Dispo Screen option is set to DISPO_DISABLED, then this field must be filled in. You can use any disposition you want for this field as long as it is 1 to 6 characters in length with only letters and numbers.

Omid Mohajerani