Learn FreeSWITCH (Part5) - Regular Expressions for Telephony

Regular Expressions are "formulas" used to describe a string of text. Regular expressions (regex, regexes) are at the heart of dialplan, and are used in many other parts of the FreeSWITCH configuration. You can describe patterns of extensions, DIDs, users, callers, callees, gateways, etc with regular expressions in FreeSWITCH.

Here in part 5 of Learning FreeSWITCH, we will learn a list of common Regular expressions in the Telephony world and how we can test them using regex checkers online or in fs_cli in FreeSWITCH. Link to PowerPoint and text: https://github.com/Omid-Mohajerani/freeswitch/wiki/Regular-Expressions-Tutorial-for-FreeSWITCH