Asterisk Machine Detect Parameters and DialPlan for Malaysia Mobile Operartors

 This settings works for AMD in Asterisk for VoiceMail Detection for Maxis , Celcom and DIGI mobile operators in Malaysia .  Umobile VoiceMail pattern is different and needs some custom dialplan to decide based on the Umobile Called number I ignored for now . 



initial_silence     =  72000

greeting     =  2000

after_greeting_silence   =  1000

total_analysis_time   =  9200

min_word_length    =  120

between_words_silence   =  50

maximum_number_of_words  =  5

silence_threshold   =  256

I had to put the initial silence to around 7 seconds because here usually customers take some time to Say hi :) 

I change 8369 Dialplan to log in to my console. I can trace it by searching AMDTEST in the asterisk console or full log. 

; VICIDIAL_auto_dialer transfer script AMD with Load Balanced:

vim /etc/extensions.conf 

exten => 8369,1,AGI(agi://

exten => 8369,n,Answer()

exten => 8369,n,Background(beep)

exten => 8369,n,AMD(${AMD_EXTRA})

exten => 8369,n,NoOp("AMDTEST: ${AMDSTATUS} - ${AMDCAUSE}")

exten => 8369,n,Set(TIMEOUT(response)=5)

exten => 8369,n,AGI(VD_amd.agi,${EXTEN})

exten => 8369,n,AGI(agi-VDAD_ALL_outbound.agi,NORMAL-----LB-----${CONNECTEDLINE(name)})

exten => 8369,n,Hangup()

Dont forget to set routing in the campaign to route to 8369.